Barko App for Apple iOS and Google Android

Security in your hands

The Barko App gives you instant access to your Barko RVTs anywhere, anytime. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play and connect using your UID (Unique Identifier code).

From the Barko App you have total control over your camera to rotate 360 degrees in either direction, zoom in to distant objects or pan up and down to suit your display. Security settings can be configured through the app to enable the Barko RVT to alert you if unwanted visitors enter your property.

If you have areas of your property you wish to view regularly i.e. driveway, front gate, rain gauge, lambing paddock etc. the app allows you to save these positions as presets for quick access.

Superb high definition video

The Barko App has an intuitive, easy to use interface with simple controls to manage your wireless outdoor security camera system.

With video continuously recorded to the camera’s SD card, you have a complete archive of all footage captured by your camera. If there is a security incident, footage can be easily retrieved via the Barko App and used in evidence.

Barko App User Interface

A few words from our customers

“We had been vaguely searching for some kind of security system for our farm for some time. Nothing came across as being really suitable for our needs. A friend turned up to visit one day with a Barko RVT that he recently purchased in the back of his ute, so we did a bit of research, also enquiring about the cameras functionality with Tye and found this system would suit our security needs that would let us watch over our home, sheds and stone fruit orchard.

The Barko RVT has been in operation for a few months now, and we are delighted with it. Knowing that the camera is always recording gives us peace of mind. When our dog barks, or the motion detection alerts our phone we can jump on the app and see what’s going on. The preset settings are quick to direct the camera to the spot we wish to view.

Night vision is excellent, and so is the clarity of the camera during the day. The team at Barko have excellent customer service, and any issues have been sorted out quickly and efficiently. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the RVT system.”

Bina Gordon

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