You are currently viewing Barko Remote Viewing Tower (RVT)not just a Crime Preventor but invaluable Management Tool as well!

Barko Remote Viewing Tower (RVT)not just a Crime Preventor but invaluable Management Tool as well!

Crime prevention is not the only ‘name of the game’ when it comes to protecting your assets and wallet from certain losses in rural NSW. There’s countless ongoing pest and management threats which our customers have discovered can be monitored and salvaged with our all-in-one surveillance solution, the Barko Remote Viewing Tower! In this blog, we’ll share with you how farmers and rural property owners like you are using our powerful, yet easy-to-use technology to save them time and money in more ways than just crime-stopping.

From the beginning, our intent with the Barko Remote Viewing Towers was to prevent farm crime through constant monitoring, night vision and movement alerts sent to your phone. What we’ve found however is that it’s become useful to other areas of farm work that we didn’t at first expect! See, last year NSW farm owners collectively lost 2,827 heads of cattle and 19,290 sheep due to theft. That’s about $5 million unrecovered in stock losses based on your average-joe prices! It sounds absurd, but it’s real and it happens right here in NSW. But, criminals aren’t the only threat to your assets. What about pest and management threats to your property and assets?

Many kinds of threat can burn a huge hole in your pocket and make your life a massive headache. Take wild dogs, for example. In NSW’s Upper Hunter region, Ian MacCallum (a sheep property owner) is constantly kept up at night by the threat. He estimates that two or three wild dogs could kill 20 or 30 of his sheep and lose him up to $10,500 in one fateful night. All that work and effort gone because you couldn’t keep an eye on and protect your sheep from the wild dogs out there roaming for a feed day and night, uncontrolled. A Barko RVT with its movement alerts and clear as day night-vision could save poor Ian and help us farmers get out there in the heat of the moment to save our stock! How’s that for a better night’s sleep?

Should you manage a property with more helping hands than yourself, you might have reason to want to check-in and monitor your staff. Work-related injuries happen due to unsafe work practises or even ‘light fingers’ when no one is looking. Our Barko RVTs create transparency, people will always ‘do the right thing ‘if they think they are been watched. Plus, it never hurts to have a record of what happens in these situations for Workcover and insurance claim purposes. Having a Barko RVT will make your life as an owner, manager and employer much simpler in times of stress and uncertain hardship.

If you breed livestock, especially at current market values your herds of cows and sheep need ongoing surveillance and monitoring during calving or lambing season. Troubles when calving or lambing can quickly get out of hand and become costly! You cannot afford to lose a single animal and problems always strike when no one is around! With a Barko RVT you can ensure you and your station hands can constantly monitor the livestock at all hours, with crystal clarity and an agreed viewing schedule, all from your internet connected phones and other devices! Peace of mind at the touch of a button! Our Barko RVT’s have made this labour-intensive, time-sucking task possible in a matter of minutes for our customers, and you shouldn’t miss out on the huge productivity wins to be had here! Think of all the things you can now do with the time saved.

Hopefully you can see the real potential for our Barko RVT technology in ways beyond just crime-stopping (though it’s incredible for that too)! Our tech is built for farmers like you by Barko to save you time, stress and money in the long run. By making this investment in your ability to have ‘eyes on the ground’ you can be assured your farming operation will be safer ,smoother and crime free. It’s like employing a 24/7 compliance officer for your property at a fraction of the price! So thanks for reading our blog, and if you’d like to learn more about our Barko RVT technology please check out the other blogs we’ve written and follow us on social media! Most importantly, for any enquiries, give us a call on 1300 250 067 we do online consulting free of charge..

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