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Catch the Culprits with Barko Remote Viewing Tower Motion Alerts!

How do you prevent farm crime? It’s reported by many NSW farmers and rural landowners it’s on the rise, across the board! Precious tools, livestock, vehicles and equipment are being stolen overnight or when you’re away, and surveys show that over 50% of crimes on rural properties go unreported and those assets are never recovered. While some security solutions currently on the market allow you recordings which can come in after the act, our innovative Barko Remote Viewing Towers are designed to work like a security guard and help at the precise moment of the act! In this blog we’ll share how movement alerts set us apart in a big way, and why our new and simple to use technology might be exactly what you need to save your wallet and stress levels from certain sabotage!

See, we know that there’s other general security solutions out there on the market. But we’ve found that for larger holdings, they’re either overkill in features, too complex, not specific enough for our intended use on farms and rural property, are clumsy to operate, or are flat out no real help when a crime is afoot! What’s the point in investing in a 24/7 security camera solution, if it sucks up costs to maintain and run and yet can only be useful when physically staring at the camera?! We know that 99% of the time you won’t be viewing your cameras, and if you are it’s probably too late. That’s where we stand out!

Our focus is to implement simple, catch-all feature that’s missing from many of these solutions and that country people need most – motion alerts! Whether you want the alert sent to your mobile phone through our app, or your email for when you’re on your computer, you just set up alerts for a specified location that you want monitored constantly for any movement. Maybe it’s a back gate, a water tank, a hole in the fence or precious work vehicle! Why do this? So that in the actual moment you can catch crimes before and as they happen! Just think of how this can save you from loss or damages to your assets, and the dread of waking up to a crime scene. If you’re away from your property and you get an alert, maybe it’s a strange vehicle or an unknown person, you can immediately notify a neighbour or the police to investigate nipping the potential crime in the bud.

There’s one more benefit we’d like to mention of our motion alerts with Barko Remote Viewing Towers. See, if you’ve got trouble spots around the property where cattle can move through into the wrong areas or worse yet, off your property, then you can set up a motion alert there also. You’ll know when sheep are straying too close to that bad bit of fencing, or even if natural predators are lurking about (more on that in another blog)! Every week we learn from our clients of new use cases where motion alerts save time and headache for NSW farmers and rural property owners.

Hopefully we’ve helped you discover the incredible benefit to installing a Barko Remote Viewing Tower on your property to catch crime as it happens and help with protect and maintain your property. If you’d like to learn more about our Barko RVT technology and how it could potentially save you and your finances from rising NSW crime rates, then please check out other blogs we’ve written and follow us on social media! But most importantly, for any enquiries, be sure to give us a call on 1300 250 067 and if an RVT sounds like a good fit for you, we’ll gladly either come out to you for a free security inspection or do an online consultation using Google Earth and other topography apps!

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