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How Investing in a Barko Remote Viewing Tower can Save You Money and Headache!

Has crime struck your property yet?! Countless of farmers are searching for a solution to combat the rising occurrence of crime in rural NSW and if that’s you or someone you know, you need to know about our new technology, the Barko Remote Viewing Tower. Over $30 million dollars is lost and unrecovered from stock losses every year in rural Australia, and even more costly losses from tool and equipment theft or damages are becoming common place! It’s all on the rise, and if you don’t have a permeative solution, you have a massive hole in your pocket waiting to be drained. In this blog, we here at Barko want to give you the full explanation as to why investing a little money upfront on our Barko Remote Viewing Tower surveillance solution will pay dividends and save you headache in the long run. This is a blog you’ll kick yourself for not reading, should something happen to your property!

Many farmers and workers throughout rural areas already know the hassle of locking away and packing away frequently used vehicles, tools and equipment. It’s understandable then we often want them left out and ready to go! However, this is unfortunately one very common situation where theft is occurring frequently and without consequence! So, how do you prevent it?

Our Remote Viewing Towers grant you a complete 360-degree viewing angle of your property and can zoom for kilometres in crystal clarity, even at night! They run independently of your electricity mains on their own solar powered AGM battery and the only ongoing cost is the upkeep of your average $25 per month data SIM plan! Pre-set locations that you want to check in just one tap of your phone can be created with motion alerts to catch culprits in the act! So, it’s clear that by investing in one (or a network) of our towers, you’re stopping crime dead in its tracks, and our reviews show that! See, being a tall and highly visible tower (too high to tamper with) criminal are warded off by the sight of it alone.

After all, if they can see it, then it can see them and there’s no greater deterrent! Should they commit a crime, you’ve got it all on record, and will have a much greater chance of recovering the stolen goods! That’s where the money is saved. In prevention and being able to follow-up and re-acquire your assets where possible. It certainly helps with your insurance claims as well as footage for police. So, should you still wish to save time and effort in leaving your tools out and in their ready-to-go positions – you can do so with full peace of mind! That’s right, greater productivity, an easier life, and money saved that could have upended your entire financial year! How’s that for a return on your investment?

There’s another benefit here, that’s not to be overlooked! If you consider alternative methods of crime-prevention or management assistance, such as drones or additional staff, then you’ve got a lot of upkeep and cost to consider. The only ongoing cost with a Barko RVT is $25 per month for a stable, powered and reliably connected device you can control from the phone in your pocket. No increase to your staffing costs or R&M bill! It’s hard not to be stumped at the value a technology such as this can bring to farmers and country people in rural NSW!

Now that you can see that investing in an all-round, one-stop crime-solution technology like ours is not just good for protecting your property and your assets, but also for saving your wallet from ongoing expenses – perhaps you’d like to enquire about getting one for your farm or rural property! We’d love to help out, so for more content about our Barko RVT technology and how it makes your life easier, check out other blogs we’ve written and follow us on social media! But most importantly, for any enquiries just give us a call on 1300 250 067 we can discuss your situation, pain points and even come out for a free security inspection!

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