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How Remote Viewing Towers Secure entire Areas of Regional Australia


As you might know, our Barko Remote Viewing Towers were originally created to help farmers, large and small as well as owners of remote rural blocks in outback areas, to ward off and capture on film, perpetrators of farm crime. And while we’re grateful for the outstanding effect our RVTs have had for these applications, we’d like to share how our RVT technology has been implemented to protect not just one farm or property, but an entire rural areas from theft and crime alike!

It all started with a local group in country Victoria, who purchased not one, but six RVT’s from us, split between 3 adjoining properties. Each farmer took two RVT’s, allowing them to set up their own individualised alerts, tightly attuned to their property, it’s layout and potential crime points. They installed their RVTs in strategic locations that ensured maximum visibility for both the camera, and for any would-be criminals casing out any of the group’s properties. Needless to say, it was a huge success, as most rural thieves reside in the area and as soon as word got out that this area was laced with strategically placed RVT’s crime incident reports plummeted in the entire area, no-one like’s to be caught on film, especially crims!!.

The advantage to a tactic like this is being able to reap the benefits of saying goodbye to crime in your neighbourhood, as well as access discounts for buying multiple RVTs and saving in freight! So, with that example, even if you aren’t a farmer, our RVT’s might still be the solution you need to catch and prevent criminals in your neighbourhood, development, block of land, school, business or any kind of property for that matter, throughout rural Australia!

We hope we’ve helped you a great deal in deciding if a solution like our Barko RVT is for you, and if so, don’t stall any longer and give us a call on 1300 250 067 to get the ball rolling and book in your free property analysis, courtesy of the crew at Barko!


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