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How to Prevent Farm Crime

How to Prevent Farm Crime

It’s becoming increasingly common for everyday people and business owners out in rural properties and the bush to become the subject of crimes such as theft and damages to property or equipment. In this blog we’ll cover what you can do to prevent this from happening to you again or ever!

The first thing to note is that when a would-be criminal peek into your property, they’ll most likely be observing for any protective measures you have against their wrong doings. If they see nothing, then it’s go time! So even if you have a security camera or system in place, but it’s small, hidden and hard to see, then you might still face the consequences of criminal activity in your space. That’s one of the points we’ve addressed directly when designing our Barko Remote Viewing Towers! Not only does their stately appearance enable it to be entirely remote (that is entirely solar powered and all-inclusive of the resources it needs to operate), but also makes it clear to any criminal that if they can see you, you can see them! We’ve seen this come into play a lot with our customers, as Barko RVT’s have been installed in easy-to-spot locations, evidence of theft has dropped to zero, as made clear by one particular customer close to Nymboida who had a lot of issues with theft of machinery and tools on their property. After having the RVT for 6 months, they had no theft or unidentified tracks, and when they did catch cars on film pulling into their driveway, they were observed as turning around after seeing a Barko Remote Viewing Tower installed.

If you have a piece of tech like our RVTs installed, there’s more you can do to both actively and passively deter and punish crime on your property. The app our customers use to control their Barko RVT’s enables access to past footage if you ever need to present it to law enforcement personnel to follow up on a crime, and alerts to be sent to your phone when movement is detected under certain parameters that you set. So, perhaps whenever movement occurs by the front gate, or a hole in your fence you have the power to set up an alert straight to your phone, and from there you can open up the app and see what’s going on in an instant!

Hopefully we’ve helped you discover how you can conduct your business in the bush areas of NSW with full protection from rising crime in rural areas, and how simply it can be done with help from the team at Barko.

If you’d like to enquire about anything regarding Barko Remote Viewing Towers or even book a free analysis of your property’s security, then just give us a ring on 1300 250 067 and we’ll help you fight crime and get you working and living with one less thing to worry about!

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