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The Easy Way to Setup Farm Surveillance

The Easy Way to Setup Farm Surveillance

Farm crime is on the rise and everyone living and working in the Aussie bush knows they need to take their farm security and surveillance seriously. But it’s 2021 and many still haven’t. Why is that? Is it the cost? No! As a matter of fact, farm security solutions like our Barko Remote Viewing Towers are very affordable, fast to install and easy to use. It’s most likely because installing surveillance solutions like ours can be seen as an unbridled hassle, taking you away from the work that really matters in your day! So, in this blog the crew at Barko will break down just how simple it is to get your Barko RVT installed from first call to first touch of your camera controls, so you can take the most important step against crime on farm!

It all starts with a good old-fashioned call. See, when you give the Barko team a call on 1300 250 067, we can arrange to do a remote consultancy using analytic tools like Google Earth Pro and Telstra Coverage Maps. This service analysis is totally free and will give you our best advice as to whether a Barko RVT is right for you! Should you want to go ahead we can advise on the best location to install it for optimum effect! And really, why wouldn’t you? Our remote viewing towers have a full 360-degree viewing angle, with full control zooming and the ability to see even in pitch black at night, all from the smart phone in your pocket!


The install process is broken into the following steps and only takes a team of two to get done and dusted! It’s as follows, but don’t let it scare you because we can do it all for you!):

  • Cement in the base
  • Slide on the control box which features the battery, ancillary components and camera
  • Fit the solar panel
  • Connect your phone
  • Swing the tower into place

Once physically in place, your final step is to download our awesome app, CamHi Pro. Now, you’ll love this app, because even if you’re the most tech-unsavvy person in your family tree, this app is designed for you to get full control of your camera from anywhere you go, 24/7 with absolute ease! And trust us, not only does it protect against crime, but it comes in real handy when you need to check things have been done correctly on your property before wrapping up for the day. If you’re ever lying back in your chair and wondering, “did I leave that gate open again?”, you can just open up the app, use the camera controls or even save that location so that you can navigate to the gate in question in 1 tap, amazing!

It’s Barko’s job to make bush security hassle-free for you so that you’ll actually take the most important step to protecting your property, and that’s getting our surveillance solution – the Barko Remote Viewing Tower installed on your property so any wrong-doers will see that you’re serious! Should they persist, you’ll know their every move with built-in alerts and even have access to the recorded footage after the fact!

Hopefully we’ve clear up any worries or confusion regarding the process, so if you’ve felt that a Barko RVT is what you need then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 250 067 and let’s arrange your free consult!


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