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You Don’t Have to be Tech-Savvy to Secure Your Farm

You Don’t Have to be Tech-Savvy to Secure Your Farm

Have you been wanting to install a complete surveillance solution for your bush property like our Barko Remote Viewing Towers, but hesitate because of the fear that you’re not good enough with technology to even use it? Well, you’re in luck! Because with this blog the team at Barko is going to share with you how a Barko RVT can be used to its full potential for protection against crime by even the most old-school farmers in Australia. All you need is any regular kind of smart phone!

In a different blog we cover the step-by-step of getting your RVT set up, so we won’t go into that here (just know that it’s super easy and we’ll take care of it for you. Rather, let’s cover the one, amazing app you’ll need to get everything working and unlock the incredible potential of your 24/7 bush security camera, courtesy of Barko!

The app you install is called CamHi Pro, and it allows you to have unparalleled control of your 360-degree viewing angle camera, with incredible zoom capability and a clear-as-day night mode for seeing in pitch black darkness (night thieves be gone)! Now, you might think using your phone as a controller for the Barko RVT camera is cumbersome, but that’s not the case! This app has been designed for even the most tech-uninitiated. It’s super simple to understand and use, and if you have places on your property that you need to navigate to regularly with your camera, you can even save those locations for quick access in 1-tap! Do you have a water trough you need to monitor daily? Just tap one button and you’re there immediately and viewing it in full clarity! What about that gate you constantly need to check if you or your workers shut correctly so that the cattle stay put? Just tap once and you’re there! The time and hassle saving potential is incredible and will no doubt take a load off your mind when it comes to managing the ins and outs of your farming life, and when unwinding for the day.

So, if you struggle to understand new technologies, like many of us bush-folk, then we really hope that this blog has showed you why you shouldn’t shy away from protecting your farm and reaping the amazing benefits of the Barko Remote Viewing Tower technology that we’ve made specifically for people like you to get unmatched protection against crime for your property. We’ve smoothed and streamlined every process so that you can lay your worries to rest, and your only regret will be that you didn’t call us sooner!

If you’d like to enquire about getting your property analysed for free by the Barko Team and perhaps even installing a Barko RVT on your property, then don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 1300 250 067 and let’s get your property safe and secure, and don’t leave it too late! Because whether you like it or not – farm crime is on the rise in New South Wales.


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