(Remote Viewing Towers)

Barko Remote Viewing Towers or RVT- 

Gives You Another Set of Eyes and complete ‘Peace of  Mind’

New to the Rural and Remote market a technology that allows you to see, communicate or control anyplace you choose at anytime from anywhere on your mobile or handset. With the value tied up in an average Australian farm……Security, especially NOW, has to be a top priority for farmers and landowners.                

If your serious about protecting your assets!!! Why not have the best-Barko RVT

Seeing is believing but with Barko RVT you can upgrade to IPR Radio coms, GPS Tracking, Telemetry and much more…. In the end you need to know what’s going on-NOW – That’s why you need               Barko RVT.

How Often are these Questions Asked in the Bush?

Plus any number of Remote or important Areas on your property you need to keep an eye on!!

Barko RVT will give you an immediate answer by simply looking at your mobile phone

One of the problems people in the bush face is knowing what is going on in different parts of their property and business when they are absent or in a different location. It's so easy for unwanted visitors to casually enter your property and help themselves to tools, fuel, plant & equipment and even livestock without you knowing.

RVT is the solution for you.​

RVT from Barko is cutting edge vision,radio and telemetry technology that will allow you to install a simple remote camera to the latest in PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom), add control systems combined with radio and wifi network that will cover every inch of your property, no matter how big. for a great price- and here’s why?

  • We can do the Plan,

  • We Supply the Tower,

  • We Supply the Power,

  • We Supply the Camera and supporting technology we can transmit the image or coms to your mobile or handset –

All you need to give us – ‘is the location!

Look at these great features:

Our app allows us to plan and quote your job anywhere in Australia FOC.

An essential part of any camera or radio system is "what do I mount it on??' . Our RVT comes complete with a professionally engineered , fully certified and collapsible 5 meter tower which allows you to place your camera anywhere you choose.

All you do is cement in the base, slide on the Control Box which houses the Deep Cycle AGM Battery, ancillary components and camera, fit the Solar Panel, attach the wiring, swing the Tower into place, our new Cantilever makes lifting or lowering the RVT a two man job. The last step is download the App then you can view your property by DAY or NIGHT from anywhere at anytime!!!

Designed as a 'plug and play'. You install where you want we supply everything you need.Power up, download the App and away you go!!!

Any issues will be sorted out immediately.

No power, No Internet ---No worries!!!

You don't need to be 'technical' just 'practical'

Choice high quality cameras – standard view or pan, tilt zoom give high res 360 degree image with amazing zoom capability.

Movement Alert standard so you are notified on your mobile when there is movement.

Set up multiple towers in different locations to view critical remote assets at anytime or incorporate a radio network that fits your budget.

Images transmitted up to 50km ‘Line of Sight’ back to base then out to your mobile. Can send further if we relay image...

Whether you are in the country or the city you have complete control of the system from your mobile phone.

Cloud and NVR Storage of your image data is an option we can discuss so your precious video is always retrievable.


Barko Security is a manufacturing, vision and security technology company based in Grafton NSW. We supply completed ‘plug and play’ high-end camera, control and security systems for remote Australia shipped directly to you. All location plans for your job, quotes and advice are totally Free of Charge . So give us a call today for a chat.

Testimonial- 'State of the Art' Technology used for Remote Crime Fighting!!


We have a family cattle property west of Bowraville on the NSW North Coast. We do not live on the
property and for some time now we were suspicious that trespassing was occurring when we were
not around. Warning signs were evident like cut fences, cattle out of place and items moved or
We decided to install two Barko RVT’s on adjacent hills overlooking our property. From these
vantage points we can not only cover our front gate but about 90% of the property as well, including
perimeter fences. Keeping an eye on our cattle herd as well as been notified if someone pulls up at
our gate or enters our property was very reassuring. People can see our Barko RVT’s when they look
into our property which immediately tells them we are serious about security.
Another concern was mobile coverage as it is very intermittent in our area and even though our
phones were in and out of service the cameras worked perfectly due to a high-quality inbuilt
modem. We would highly recommend the Barko RVT and their team. in fact we are considering a
third camera in another part of our property. Tye and his team were extremely easy to talk to and
very knowledgeable about their products. They respond to any request immediately.






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Policy and Provision

Payment Method – Once a quote is accepted by the customer 50% of the total price is required as deposit. The balance due will be paid on completion of the manufactured item ex works Grafton.

Delivery – Delivery cost will be at the responsibility of the customer ex works Grafton. We have an Australia wide freight network and can quote you delivery.

Warranty– All Barko RVT’s come with a 3 Year warranty on components and free support. Shipping costs are at the customers expense.