No wires, no limits.

The Barko range of wireless outdoor surveillance cameras are the ultimate security solution for protecting and managing your assets, wherever your location. Using state of the art solar, battery and camera technologies, and conveniently managed via the user-friendly Barko App on your smartphone or tablet, Barko Remote Viewing Towers give you access to crystal clear, live streamed video from anywhere in the world.

Barko RVTs (Remote Viewing Towers)

Standing at five meters tall, Barko RVTs (Remote Viewing Towers) have been specifically designed and engineered for harsh weather conditions and to easily carry the weight of solar panel, battery and camera tech. The Barko RVT provides you with a 360 degree panoramic view of your property with night vision and motion sensor capabilities for round the clock video surveillance and peace of mind.

Barko RVT
Barko RVT

Monitor your home, driveway, front gate, shed and machinery, livestock, access roads and water assets – up to 255 presets can be setup with alert notifications when movement is identified day or night. Setup is simple and requires only two people to manage the installation. The Barko RVT can be installed in a fixed location and a transportable mobile option is also available.

Intuitive, easy to use Barko App

The Barko App gives you instant access to your Barko RVT anywhere, anytime with complete control over your camera to zoom in and out, pan 360 degrees left and right, and tilt 90 degrees up and down. Any camera angle position can be saved as a preset for easy access later for areas or items you monitoring regularly. Pan out for a panoramic view of your property for over a kilometer in any direction, or zoom in on the smallest detail.

Barko App User Interface

Zoom in/out. Pan 360 degrees left/right. Tilt 90 degrees up/down.
Speaker, microphone, video capture, photo capture, toggle Standard/High Definition.

Barko App Infrared Night Vision

Infrared night vision

The Barko RVT has excellent night vision capabilities with built-in infrared technology. With an effective range of 200-300 meters in ideal conditions, the camera can be setup to capture movement and instantly send still images to your phone or Gmail account. Movement will be recorded to the SD card on the camera which can be reviewed via the app.

Multiple surveillance applications

Designed to provide state of the art surveillance solutions for remote and rural locations, the Barko RVT has many applications:

  • Construction sites and equipment – protect expensive and difficult to secure materials and tools with video surveillance. The RVT tower shows any potential thieves that they will be caught on camera should they proceed.

  • Warehouses and storage facilities – with 24 hour video that can be backed up to cloud storage and motion alerts sent to your phone or Gmail account, catch any unauthorised movement after hours.

  • Wildlife and feral animal study – the RVT is up high and animals are not aware it is there: study and view animal populations without any intrusion.
  • Car parks – protect vehicles parked at your business from vandalism and theft. Record accidents for insurance and police with video evidence.

Barko RVT
Barko RVT
  • Land and coast watch – use the Barko RVT for watching; studying and recording weather patterns; coastline and ocean movements; surf conditions and water crossings.
  • Mobile Agriculture – beekeeping, fruit picking, contract harvesting or machinery hire, whatever remote and seasonal work that needs to be monitored – the Barko RVT will do the job.

  • Irrigation – large irrigation schemes have multiple networks of channels, road crossings, access control gates that need both monitoring and operating. Barko RVT can do it all.

  • Access 12v or 24v DC Power – the Barko RVT can be configured to provide strong reliable solar power to do a multitude of tasks that require 12v or 24v DC Power

  • WiFi and CellFi – Access the Internet and improve your 3G and 4G coverage using the Barko RVT.

Ultra-High Resolution Camera

Our 5MP (1920p) security cameras are ultra-high definition cameras that record class-leading 5-megapixel images with enhanced camera sensors.

  • Ultra-high definition 5MP megapixel resolution

  • Full 360 degree rotation and 90 degree tilt up and down

  • Night vision infrared with an effective range of 200 to 300 meters in ideal conditions
  • Motion detection sends push notification (alarm) to the Barko App

  • 128GB SD Card stores 3 weeks of footage at max frame rate

  • Camera connected to Gmail for collecting ‘still images’ when security alert is activated
  • Waterproof IP66 sun protection and dust-proof
  • 20X zoom lens