Barko Mobile RVT

Barko Mobile RVT

The Barko Wireless Outdoor Security Camera System or Remote Viewing Tower is now available in a mobile version.

Comprising the same superb quality components as the Barko fixed RVT; the mobile version allows you to move the security system around your property with a forklift or tractor. A solid concrete base keeps the system stable and secure and the sturdy construction of the tower and components means that movement does not create any problems. Just pick up the RVT and move it to wherever you need it most.

Watch over stock as you move it to different paddocks. Keep an eye on orchard and cropping areas that are active. Manage construction projects as they evolve. Wherever you need oversight and security; the Barko Mobile RVT is quickly and easily relocated.

With access points for both forklift and tractor; the mobile RVT will provide flexibility and peace of mind across as many different areas as you need.

Visible, effective security where you need it most

The Barko Mobile Remote Viewing Tower provides a visible reminder that you are serious about security, even in the most remote locations. Check fences, stock, crops and machinery in real time as well as having the peace of mind that comes with constant video recording.

A remote, mobile video system gives you the flexibility to choose where and when you need security the most.

Barko RVT
Barko Mobile RVT Base

Simple, guided set-up

The Barko Mobile RVT side panels and formwork are delivered to your address on a pallet. With a full set of written instructions; a setup video and all of the support you need from the Barko team, putting your mobile RVT together is a simple and straightforward process. Pour the concrete base into the mould that comes with your kit and then follow the instructions in the video or written guide to install the tower.

A few words from our customers

“We own and manage a relatively isolated quarry on the North Coast and decided that we needed some security on the site. Once we leave, the property is entirely unattended, and there’s nobody else around the area. Another local business owner recommended the Barko RVT to us. I liked that the company was local, so we decided to give it a try.

I am not tech-savvy at all, but the tower and camera setup was very straightforward, and I had no trouble getting the app working on my phone. The Barko team were good to work with and happy to give us any help we needed. The video on the app is very high quality, and I like the HD setting and the interactive features where I can zoom in or out and see what’s going on in real-time.

I am delighted with the Barko RVT – the quality of the unit, the clarity of the video, and the consistently good customer service make it what I think is excellent value for money. My favourite thing about the RVT is being able to yell at the dogs to be quiet from miles away using the two-way radio on the tower – it’s priceless.”

Jarrod Greensill

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