Barko Mobile RVT Installation Guide

If your situation requires you to either move the camera when you are finished at a particular site, or you wish to place the one camera at different locations on your property, the Barko Mobile RVT is for you.

Barko Mobile RVT installation pallet

Instead of cementing the base into the ground as per a normal Barko RVT installation, we will supply you with pre-cut formwork and 16mm deformed bar on the same pallet as your Tower, Camera and Solar Panel.

Barko Mobile RVT installation formwork

The 1100mm x 1100mm x 500mm base is assembled on flat level ground on a piece of builders film (preferably a cement floor). Every part of the formwork interlocks.

Once assembled the base is ready for filling with cement. The formwork should be filled to the top of the timber and will take 0.6 cubic meter leaving the deformed bar as lift points.

Barko Mobile RVT installation base poured

When the cement in the formwork is dry the timber can be removed leaving the mobile base ready for erecting the tower, control box with camera and solar panel. Move the base to an open space and put together the installation the same way you would install a Barko RVT in a permanent location (see Barko Remote Viewing Tower Installation)

Barko Mobile RVT installation base

Once assembled, turn on the power, connect your phone then swing the tower into position ensuring the solar panel is facing north. Connecting guy wires is optional however if required they can be connected to the corner lift points of the mobile base.

For moving short distances the tower can remain upright but it is advisable to lower the tower if moving any significant distance.