Barko RVT Installation Guide

Simplicity and logic that gives remote viewing to any part of your property because you decide exactly where you want to locate the camera. From ‘start to finish’ the steps could not be easier.

Barko RVT Installation Pallet

The Barko Remote Viewing Tower arrives palletised to your address in three (3) main sections.

Solar Panel

1.) 200 w Solar Panel

Camera Control Box

2.) Camera and Control Box

Collapsible Tower

3.) 5 Meter Collapsible Tower

Assembly instructions

1. Base installation

1. Install base at camera location

2. Tower pivot on base

2. Assemble Tower and connect to Base

3. Control box to tower

3. Connect Control Box and Camera to Tower

4. Solar panel onto tower

4. Fit Solar Panel to mask of tower

5. Connecting app to RVT

5. Turn on power, camera will calibrate connect your phone or tablet

6. Raising the tower

6. Swing up and into position

7. Tower in situ

7. Barko RVT installation complete