Traditionally, monitoring and managing livestock has been time-consuming and resource-intensive . Barko RVT systems are a sophisticated remote management tool, allowing stock owners to use technology to gain efficiencies and improve outcomes for both animals and business.

Monitor and manage your livestock from anywhere

The Barko app allows you to check on your stock from wherever you are – zoom in up to a kilometer away to check on a particular animal, or pan over the property to ensure a herd is where it should be. Herd and individual animal behaviours and health can be tracked and turned into quality data, and reponse times improved for critical incidents.

Save time, money and potential issues by zooming in to check on water troughs, tank and rain gauges. Manage feral animal incursions by tracking their movements and seeing where they come and go. Cut, damaged or broken fences can be identified and repairs arranged quickly.

If you regularly move stock around a large property, the mobile RVT can be easily moved with a tractor or forklift to monitor the herd and and give you real-time viewing on the app no matter where you are.

Combat rural crime and stock theft

Stock theft costs farmers and landowners millions of dollars every year, and farm crime in general is very much on the rise. Installing a video security system is highly recommended by police and farm crime experts, and the Barko Remote Viewing Tower is an intelligent farm security and surveillance tool that ticks all of the boxes.

As well as being a highly effective visual deterrent, the cameras will alert owners immediately on detecting unexpected movement and store recorded footage for easy retrieval. With the Barko mobile phone app able to store up to 255 preset camera positions, checking multiple locations around a property can be achieved quickly, in detail and with absolute clarity.